Allocation for TSE Automotive Test Center


Bursa Governorship, the public debate about for a long time Automotive Test Center, explained that the allocation of 2 thousand 600 acres of land.Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) are planned by the Automotive Test Center made where the subject of curiosity. Bursa Bursa Governorship of the center announced a while ago to do. A new explanation on the subject came to the governor's office today. Statement emphasized the allocation of land in the center of the test been done,"Automotive Test Center with respect to the district of our city Yenisehir planned and requested the General Directorate of TSE 2 thousand 600 acres of pasture land in relation to our province to give the Commission a positive decision by consensus of the meeting was made by . Yenisehir Automotive Testing Center of town is considered to be the treasure of the land allocated to continuing operations."the statement said.