ERAE Group is automotive components supplier with 40 years’ remarkable corporate history. Since its establishment, headquartered in Korea, its excellent technology has been acknowledged by world renowned automobile manufacturers from USA, Germany, Italy and China as well as Korea as it has supplied compact and lightweight automotive components with outstanding performance and durability based on unparalleled capability in management, production, and technology.

The Tech Center of ERAE Automotive has global best testing facilities such as wind tunnel test lab and anechoic chamber, and has secured its own R&D protocol. Objectives of The Tech Center include simulation technology to reduce the lead time for development of new products, basic research and development of new products to secure competitive future technology, alteration and improvement of existing products as well as securing independent technological competency.

CTAG, the Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia, is an organization dedicated to the development, research and technological innovation in the automotive sector. Its mission is to contribute to the improvement of automotive company’s competitiveness, offering its support to the sector’s industries on their modernization and adaptation to new technologies.

CTAG has its own laboratories to carry out complete component and system validation such as climatic laboratory, acoustics and vibration, fatigue, passive safety, engine and electronics and ITS.

- ADAS & vehicle automation
- Connectivity - Clean mobility - Comfort & interior
- HMI & design
- HW & SW
- Validation